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Raven helps women elevate their businesses through carefully crafted business communities, courses, and mentorship programs. She believes that leadership is about serving others with love and compassion. Raven has inspired over 500 female-led startups, advised more than 200 founders on a one-on-one basis, and facilitated over $100 million in funding.

Hot Biz Summer

By |2024-05-08T18:27:59+00:00May 5th, 2024|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Startup, Women in Business|

How to Apply the Hot Girl Summer Mindset to Business Growth Remember the spirit of Hot Girl Summer that swept through 2019? Maybe not a shining moment (it got a lot of hate too), but at the center of the movement, what it stood for at its core, was pretty rad. The viral movement/moment

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15 Grant for Women in Business

By |2023-07-06T19:34:53+00:00July 6th, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Funding, Startup, Women in Business|

Are you a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to take your business to new heights? If so, you're in luck! In today's blog post, we'll explore fifteen opportunities that can help fund your woman-led business. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your existing venture, these funding options are worth considering.

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Quality Over Quantity

By |2023-06-01T22:05:11+00:00June 1st, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Women in Business|

Content creation in today's overwhelming, overstimulated, Everything Everywhere All at Once universe is all about quality over quantity. It's about crafting epic, heart-centered content that genuinely connects with your dream clients and customers. Churning out truckloads of mistake-riddled, salesman-like pitch content—it's so passé. In this new era, quality reigns supreme, capturing attention and forging

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Elevate Your Business: 11 Must-Attend Women in Business Events

By |2023-08-23T13:34:03+00:00May 16th, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Events, Startup, Women in Business|

Hey, business baddie! Ready to kick your business into high gear? Networking and learning from the best in business can be a total game-changer for your entrepreneurial journey. And guess what? I've rounded up 11 absolutely fabulous women in business events that are all about taking your business to new heights! Get ready to

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The Conscious Consumer

By |2023-05-11T17:57:51+00:00May 11th, 2023|Categories: Marketing, Mindful Moments|

I came across this absolutely hilarious meme the other day, poking fun at some of the major retail giants that have had to file Chapter 11 in the face of the unstoppable rise of online shopping. It got me thinking, what lies ahead for us in the world of shopping? My deepest hope is

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Nature’s Best Business Advice

By |2023-05-03T18:46:36+00:00May 3rd, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Startup|

Hey there, nature lovers and business enthusiasts! Let's take a walk on the wild side and learn some valuable lessons from Mother Nature herself. After all, nature is the OG business guru – it's been around for millions of years and knows a thing or two about survival and success. So, let's explore some

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Choosing Business Courses

By |2023-04-26T13:32:32+00:00April 26th, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Startup|

Are you ready to give your business the boost it needs? Choosing the right business courses, masterclasses, and accelerators can be a game-changer, and I've got some juicy tips to help you make the perfect match. Let's get down to business! Creating and collaborating in a like-minded, values aligned

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Psychographics for the Entire Business Journey

By |2023-04-06T13:28:55+00:00April 6th, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Startup|

Many of us are already familiar with utilizing psychographics in marketing. However, it can also be applied to making important business decisions throughout the entire business journey. From ideation to exit, harnessing the power of psychographics can help you make better-informed decisions every step of the way. By digging deeper than just basic demographics

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Business Ideation

By |2023-03-30T18:23:17+00:00March 30th, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Startup|

Starting a business is an epic adventure, and I am so excited that you're looking to embark on this journey! Before you let your imagination run wild with visions of success and financial freedom, you need to come up with a dope AF business idea. In this post, I'll be helping you unleash your

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Approach Pivots Like a Roundabout

By |2023-03-23T16:51:55+00:00March 23rd, 2023|Categories: Entrepreneurship, Startup|

As the old saying goes, the only constant in life is change. This is especially true for startups and businesses that are constantly adapting to market conditions and customer demands. However, pivots can be a challenging and stressful process for businesses, often involving significant changes in strategy, product development, and customer acquisition. In this

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